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Aquarium Volcano: One Choice of Many

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Aquarium Volcano: One Choice of Many

An aquarium volcano is a long standing tradition in many home tanks. There’s something fun and exotic about them, and they add a little something special to the tank. These days, there are countless options when it comes to aquarium decorations. Textured backgrounds, underwater lighting elements, artificial plants and lovely models are all perfect ways to add beauty to your tank while providing interesting things for your animals to explore and play with.

Textured Backgrounds

These are usually attached to the back of an aquarium and provide an extra aesthetic boost that can make a fish tank stand out. The best on the market today are made with non-toxic polyurethane foam and can be used in both fresh and salt water environments. Textured backgrounds are easy to install and won’t have any effect on the pH levels in your tank. Think of these additions as an updated version of the printed backgrounds that once adorned the back of nearly every home tank.

Underwater Lighting

There’s nothing quite as fascinating in a home fish environment than underwater lighting. The newest models available are made with LED lights, which don’t generate heat and won’t promote algae growth. Some lights, like the H2shOw Crystal Bubble Maker produce a dazzling wall of bubbles that are lit up by alternating ColorMix LED lights. The internal components are hidden in a realistic looking crystal decoration that looks surprisingly natural.

Artificial Plants

Adding plants to an aquarium can be something of an issue for some people. In most cases, additional lighting will be required to ensure that enough light is available for photosynthesis to occur. The artificial plants found at the most reputable aquarium stores these days are a far cry from what was available even ten years ago. They’ve become far more lifelike and can be used without the need to upgrade your current lighting. They’re among the best decorations for those looking to create a more natural looking underwater world for their animals.


When it comes to tank decorations, it’s hard to resist the call of models. While the aquarium volcano is an absolute favorite, other options include sunken ships, hilltop castles, statues, artificial corals, and even miniature fishing villages. Models are one of the most intriguing ways to add a little fun to your tank and can make the difference between an ordinary aquarium and a truly breathtaking and stimulating underwater environment for your lucky animals.
Decorating the inside of your aquarium is as personal and subjective as designing the interior of your own home. Aquarium volcanoes aren’t without their place, but are also not the only choices available these days. The textured backgrounds, underwater lighting, artificial plants and tank models found in the most reputable fish shop offer customers the opportunity to take their tank to the next level. Take a trip to the biggest and most professional aquarium specialists in your area to see some of the fifteen-thousand products available. You’re sure to find exactly the right aquarium decoration to suit your personal needs and will be well on your way to developing your ideal underwater world.